Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Once Again - Richard Dawkins Crap

For those who know nothing of Richard Dawkins should tend to watch more documentaries that interviews Mr Dawkins on regular basis. The guy is always defying and double daring anyone to confront him ! Now the chance came to Mr Dawkins two times and the reply was " I swore not to debate". Dawkins is the top atheistic mumbler, either in book or in TV. I'm writing this post in English just to get the attention of the atheistic bunch (or chicken Nuggets society) out there who claim they seek truth and are desperate, not those who do not believe in God just because he or she likes to drink or have sex or wants to wear mini skirts and show off her goodies without the feel of guilt. Come here my darlings we want to understand why you claim to know but yet dont have the dignity to confront the evidence.
A Call to Richard Dawkins!
Richard Dawkins has on many previous occasions been invited by Mr. Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) to a face-to-face, public debate in which the scientific evidence is brought together. But Dawkins has always replied, “I have sworn not to debate.” Dawkins’ subsequent selection of secondary school students and evangelical clergy to debate with has attracted considerable notice, however. In other words, he has no excuse or explanation for not taking part in such a debate. THEREFORE ONCE AGAIN MR. ADNAN OKTAR INVITES RICHARD DAWKINS TO A FACE-TO-FACE DEBATE ACCOMPANIED BY THE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.


  • Only 5 of 100 million fossils are laid before you
  • You’re asked if a single protein can emerge by chance
  • The existence of 100 million fossils are mentioned
  • The emergence of irreducibly complex systems of living things are asked
  • You apprehend you have no answer about the emergence of life
  • You have no answer for the Cambrian animals
  • You have no explanation for Darwinist forgeries


مـغـاتيــــــــــــر said...

Thank you Edrak :-)

im writing a post with an example about Dawkins deception, am happy that somebody else did too .. i cannot deny that i enjoy Dawkins' charisma but at the same time i resent his arrogance n self righteousness ..

i never knew about Oktar inviting him over for a debate! however, am sure he will never show up .. i watched him enough to know his deception style ..


ZooZ "3grbgr" said...


so he's tha god of chicken nuggets? (AKA atheists)

all i know about them is that they are ALL good in talking !!

Anonymous said...


I got class in about an hour. Would very much like to comment though. Dammit what shall I do? LoL. Interesting topic. Bad demeanor. You're too lean, too gracious, too accommodating.

Hit 'em once but hit 'em hard. For your sake and ours. Most importantly for ours.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Edrak

I do not think presenting the topic as a battle is productive. In my opinion, evolutionary biology has nothing to do with Dawkins atheism. Please do not mix the two. The scientific community is not a gangster. When one presents scientific evidence that defies known scientific norms, the scientific community will choose evidence over personality.
Please understand that evolution is a FACT and Darwin's theory is only the best explanation. The data for 150 years are supporting Darwin's theory of evolution. I can't why don't Mr Oktar publishes his ideas rather than a book filled with pictures? Can you please tell me why don't Mr Oktar or any of his supporters conduct research and provide an alternative theory?

Dawkins atheism doesn't make his arguments false especially those regarding evolution.

Edrak said...


I would really like to give more references but i still think the public is not educated enough. im not a genius nor an intellectual but i think that if am gonna have a debate i prefer it to be with a person who has some brains. yet i didn't see that atheist at least in Kuwait to say the least.
Dawkins is really a good speaker and he knows how to ridicule whos in front of him to be honest. He can`t debate directly with scholars he just likes the light and being flashy in front of Tv. The proof is what i`ve brought up.

and i agree with you he is a very well known deception expert as like his book the "deception of God".

Edrak said...


Theyr not only good in talking .. theyre good also in profanity and intolerance to others. i`ll be waiting here just to show you that

Edrak said...


its not about hitting them hard .. its about showing the truth and agreeing at least to some of it.

Edrak said...


i just saw the last comment

i dont think its a battle and im not willing to go into one..

You said:
The scientific community is not a gangster ... well the scientific community as you speak is not one entity and proof of that will come ... the scientific community must stick to the fact and the fact only ... so why stick to a theory which i still dare that its not proven and repeat it every time ? HArun yahya already has an alternative its God .. for me and him it explains all ..

in Darwins case it explains how a pen become a writing tool but doesnt take the agony to explain to go through the end of the process in which it was created ... Dawkins himself has no explanation and yet he sticks to the fact that it doesnt mean there is a god .. true .. then why do you beleive in darwins theory when it doesnt explain ? why 7alal here and 7aram there?
Darwin said: But then with me the horrid doubt always arises whether the convictions of man’s mind, which has been developed from the mind of the lower animals, ARE OF ANY VALUE or AT ALL TRUSTWORTHY. Would any one TRUST IN THE CONVICTIONS OF A MONKEY’S MIND, IF THERE ARE ANY CONVICTIONS IN SUCH A MIND? >>>>

I`ll keep that aside ...
Darwin didnt also project his ideas as only pure science he also showed his disgrace to religions very clearly .. and yet when we study critisicm we take the bibliography in mind ... the sweeties here didnt and just regarded everything he said is scientific without looking over board for the point i just pointed out because thats science ...
Octar also dared anyone to prove the theory in scientific terms and show that its really a fact:

Adnan Oktar said that he has “issued a call to all evolutionists” that he will give “10 trillion Turkish lira to anyone who produces a single intermediate-form fossil demonstrating evolution” – a sum roughly equal to £4.4trn.

Nevermind adnan octar now ..

lets go aside to Ali sina who wanted top debate Dr Zakir Naik .. what happened ? just google it and u`ll see who refused the debate at the end ... very cowardly indeed if i may say ...

بعدين تقبل البدليات الي هني لأنه شاشة الكومنتس تضيق الخلق

Edrak said...

Dawkins atheism doesn't make his arguments false especially those regarding evolution.

I didnt say that ... natural selection is a wonderful book to read and i agree in most what it has said ... but what is said regarding evolution is clearly falsified ... the proof ? why not take on the debate and lets see for our selfs ! why not answer these questions ?

seekers of truth should go over limits .. should seek beyond the limits to sustain that desired truth and not mumble about whos right and wrong without even reading or hearing anything .. stereotyping .. wanting to be someone else .. a reaction to islamic extremists .. whatever it is ... seeking truth or seekers of the truth are very very rare ... i recall Confucius one of them .. cant think of much

Anonymous said...


I'm the third commentator, not the fourth (don't know who that is). I'm an anonymous farmer and farmers, Uncle Eddy, often dwell on the greatness of the universe and it's creator. I would never push forth Darwinian theories for various reasons. But mainly since they are currently being disproved - or rather added onto - by certain scientific folks who integrate philosophy and history into his theory.

As for what you just said, it was right on the money. I specifically liked this phrase:

"Darwin didn't also project his ideas as only pure science he also showed his disgrace to religions."

Personally, any person whose ideas must be based on ridiculing other people's beliefs has no legs to stand on, and is, therefore, weak and fragile.

"Seekers of truth should sustain that desired truth and not want to be someone else .. a reaction to Islamic extremists."

Right on the money. It seems that rather than rise from a will to improve oneself, atheism - or rather narrow minded and disrespectful atheism - seems to be based on extremely wrong reasons; a detachment from one's origins, negative personal experiences, a reaction to extreme Islam, and many more reasons that will - in no way - provide a good life nor balance to those whose convictions were not based on objective information.

Your best statement though:

"I think the public is not educated enough".

Yes, not only is the public not ready, but atheists themselves pertain extreme delusions in regards to what this belief is all about.

You shouldn't push the public, Edrak, into topics such as these. These topics are unworthy - at the moment - of our time and efforts, especially since the majority of our public need help on so many basic, crucial, and downright lifesaving matters like the the importance of early reading and education, family values and its effect on shielding us from wrongdoing, the importance of coexistence as people who share the same piece of land.

I'm late. See you after class.

ZooZ "3grbgr" said...

for albadleyat - if any - use chrome or firefox

they both have embedded spelling check

على فكره

هذا دليل اني متابعه

Edrak said...


You shouldn't push the public, Edrak, into topics such as these.

Actually the problem is not pushing anyone .. it was a way to call on those ppl who want to debate in such subjects .. im making a statement .. im back again and willing to talk for those who want to seek truth .. if there were any ... im just proving a point nothing more ...


mashkora ... بس عندي فايرفوكس و يعدل بس انا مو من النوع الي يراجع الي كتبته .. بروحه مالي خلق

Anonymous said...

My Dear Edrak

Again, I think it is crucial to separate atheism from evolution. Also it is important to understand the philosophy of science. It is hard to suggest "GOD" as an alternative explanation for evolution because natural selection can be tested and data can be analyzed where the "GOD" hypothesis cannot be tested. I do not know if science is your profession but let me know if one can design an experiment or collect data to test the "GOD" hypothesis.
Edrak, please let me know why Mr Oktar and others are not conducting research to prove their point. If you want my answer, it is because they can not. Their explanation is not testable scientifically.
There is a nice article by T. H. Dobzhansky with the title "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution" you can get it from wikipedia.
Also Fahad Almutairi (writes in Aljarida) discussed, in a beautiful simplistic way, the scientific approach to answering questions vs the religious approach.

I am very much enjoying the discussion.


Anonymous said...


Alright, this is making me sick, and I’m different (and quite opposed to) the commentator directly above me).

The elites and the privileged have always – always – been able to publicly illuminate their needs and demands. They’re the people who have internet access, personal computers, and the ones who read and blog. Therefore, they’re the ones whose voices are well-heard since they pretty much have the privilege that allows them to employ the media to their benefit.

The majority of our population, however, isn’t as privileged. They lead simpler lives and thus, cannot employ the same sources of power to attain their rights and have their voices heard. And the thing is, we are the unimportant group since they hugely prevail in numbers; they are the mass, and we branch off them.

You get me Edrak? Of all the topics on God’s green earth, you chose to speak about atheism. Ha! It’s because media is powerful, and the media belongs to us privileged ones, who have neglected to acknowledge, try to understand, or help the other. The masses. It’s the masses that are needy and are not being represented. Impoverished Kuwaitis, uninformed Kuwaitis, hateful groups, you name it we got it.

The only thing we’re good at is pointing at them. Look at what Hayef’s done today, we say. Well guess what? This country is filled with people like Hayef, and with people much worse than him. But the only time we actually acknowledge their existence is when they do something wrong; being corrupt, putting forth an ignorant law, or planning a terrorist attack, which by the way, represents the ultimate form of desperation.

And these are desperate times, and the only way we can prevail is to acknowledge and try to rectify the other. We have no moral standing to judge them if we do not help them. I do not want Hayef running my country, but unless I do something about it, it serves me right. And I might as well throw my PC out the window since it’s only useful to me, leaving the rest of the nation voiceless and simmering, just waiting to explode.

They own us. They own us, man. Just look at the numbers. It’s pretty scary.

So you go on, you talk to people about atheism. What’s next on the list? Poodle shows? Go on and waste my time, while hundreds of thousands of Kuwaitis are as unaware of us as we are of them.

And unawareness is a killer.

Anonymous said...

ياه كل ده انجليزي

يا نهار أسود

بس أنا ما أعرفش أأرا انجليزي

يخرب بيتك يا بت يا سهير يا حماره أنتي غطيتي فين يا بت

Anonymous said...

ادراك أحييك على شجاعتك واصرارك على موقفك

الالحاد عار على البشرية

أنا أخاف الاقتراب منهم حتى لو كانوا مرحين و بشوشين لأنهم لا يؤمنون بالله

أخاف أن يقتلوني

أو يزرعوا فتنة بيني و بين أصحابي

الأفضل عزل هؤلاء المرضى في حجر صحي

خل ينفعهم الشاذي دارويين


طل في مدونة نوافكو

هذه أحد المواضيع اللي كتبها :

bo bader said...

This post is just another proof to me that this blog is Kuwait's number ONE blog.

Way to go Edrak my friend. I'm really enjoying reading the comments here.

Atheism is very hard to swallow alone, let alone mixing it with some really failing theories like Darwin's evolutionism.

One small question to evolutionists:

If humans evolved from monkeys, why do we still have millions of monkeys all around us?

Pun intended!!

Anonymous said...


لأنهم فعلا شواذي

أقصد الملاحدة

انهم حيوانات بشرية

لا يملكون ذرة مباديء و لا أخلاق تماما مثل القردة

ولد الديرة said...

Antony Flew and cut


انثوني فلو واقطع :)

Edrak said...

Dear HH, and anony

You said you should seperate evolution from athiesim ...

I dont know how could you say something like that where as dawkins himself cannot help to keep the two married ...

Darwins himself after abandoning the church and after his discussions with his wife Emma also known the discussions of Emma had the turn of his life .. he turned into athiesim and devoted himself to prove the non existence of superficial entity .. hence no God .. evolution wasnt a production of pure research just for the sake of it .. ! it was a product of an intended goal to prove something ... it somewhat started with the laws of harmony at the start of his theorizing crusade in which he wanted to find another explanation for a god non existent life ... It all adds up and you still want to separate the 2 .. its indispensable its h2o ... you can see that more clearer in the death of his 9 year old daughter annie ... in that right time he wanted to prove more the nonexistence of an afterlife ... then came the origins of species ... as you can see an action then a reaction ... it never came because of research .. therefore am obliged to study his life to see if there is any coloration with his "scientific views" as for me science must not be interrelated with religion or anything else .. it should be pure and real ..

and as for the media .. Discovery channel .. national geographic .. history channel ... the so called scientific channels are always adapting the darwin understanding in everything ... and what do you know who is the only channel who talks about these subject with no stereotyping or influencing a case of initial propaganda ? its the BBC ... the only channel doing that ... Why ? because its originality is about telling the truth only .. and any step away from that makes it a cheap unworthy channel in the western world ... unlike the other three channels .. who are owned to athiests and are always projecting the darwin propaganda without even trying to view others standpoint on the subject because its an established truth !

its all about psychology and not science... ppl dont want to explore ... they dont wanna know the truth because ti could change the status qou in whih they live in and makes them comfortable ... its a question of which couch is more comfortable and not the most genuine ... therefore as i showed its clear to me

and the last paragar[agh u talked about anony ... u want me to talk about poodle shows ? maybe i will ... maybe .. whatever makes me happy i will will talk about why not ... i see athiest all around me and i really hoped for the right reasons ... no one has the ability even to understand arabic ... i recite some quran and they dont even know what they mean and then i hear oh no this surah says this bcz al qomney said that ... stereotyping is a bitch ... and im just fedup with it .. im trying to prove a point that athiests in Kuwait know nothing not in scientific terms and clearly nothing in Islam .. What they know is how to get high and how to get more chicks and how to drink freely and not feeling guilt ... its all psychology and am just trying to prove that bcz its a society issue and what do yo know i live in this society !

Edrak said...


اهلا يا بنت يا سهير

انا انصحك ما تقربيش منهم ليس لأنهم ملحدي كلا ... بل لأنك لن تعرفين انتي تتعاملين مع من ؟ ما هي مبادئ هذا الشخص ؟ كيف يفكر ؟ هل خيانة الامانه عادي عنده ؟ هل يستطيع حفظ الاعراض ؟ عل أقل اذا مسيحي اعرف مبادئه و منطلقاته و اذا خالفها اعرف انه خالفها و لكن هؤلاء لا اعرف فكل شخص لديه شيء خاص فيه و انا عن نفسي مالي خلق أعور راسي و افهم شنو يبي .. يبي يقعد معاي اهلا و سهلا ... و لكن سأكون حذر فقط لا اكثر ولا أقل

Edrak said...

Bo bader

Thanks really appreciated .. As you know i tried to understand atheism for 5 years .. read about it had my share of turbulence but it really ends up to on conclusion ... everyone has his own reasons but no one has a better explanation than the one Islam provides ... we dare them to and no one comes .. we go to the best they have such as dawkins and no one stands up .. we reply to ali sina crap and he fails to commit to any debate only in his own terms ... as i said its one conclusion in the end .. its not about seeking the truth and thats for sur

Edrak said...

ولد الديرة

البوست هذا عجيب .. ودي اعرف بس شلون تفكر اب هل مواضيع و من تنقي مفرداتك يخرب عقلك شو مهضوم

Anonymous said...


You shouldn't have directed your comment @ 8:49 at me and HH. I have previously told you that I am not - nor was I ever - a Darwinian advocate.

Furthermore, you hugely misinterpreted my comment @ 8:17, which actually reasserts your point of view in regards to Kuwaiti atheists and ways that helped shape their conviction.

Re-read my comment. In it I speak about the importance of dealing with the traditional, holy, and huge masses first before dealing with the liberals and atheists of Kuwait, who think they have it made simply because they can relate to foreign cultures and are fashionable.

Personally, I noticed that a lot of atheists have formed their convictions partially based on "scientific" hogwash, but mainly based on justifying their immoral Woop-De Doo-behavior.

The reason behind this is their desire to detach themselves from this land, its people, and culture and start looking at European culture - not belief, mind you, but culture since there are European believers as well - as the source of enlightenment.

This particular issue is very deep and reflects on how we view and value ourselves. Are we good enough, as people and as a culture? Many atheists, unfortunately - despite their unawareness - feel they are inferior to other cultures, which is why they look up to them rather than look into their own culture. This is also why they cannot possibly hold strong ties - nor want to - with the Kuwaiti public and their traditions and belief.

We are not "cool" enough, nor are we "fun" like other cultures. But the thing is, we are cool and are fun as well. The only way anyone can see that is if they possess true self-confidence, awareness, faith, and conviction in themselves as a people. And only then may true, balanced, and positive self-actualization can occur, no matter what the new-found belief is.

It's all about identity. And atheists today have convictions that are highly subtractive since they must strip themselves bare, from the culture in order to attain that "intellectual" belief.

WAnd guess what? The joke's on them. I do not trust people who are lost, and who willfully discard their cultural identity when there is simply no other replacement that could offer them better nourishment.

Edrak said...

The reason behind this is their desire to detach themselves from this land, its people, and culture and start looking at European culture - not belief, mind you, but culture since there are European believers as well - as the source of enlightenment.

I totally agree ... reading Orientalism from Edward saeed and Covering Islam states just the same thing .. not forgeting to mention Reel bad arabs which shows how in someway the perception of the masses affects the way ppl think .. athiests here are the same .. mostly they are lonely .. vulgar in speech .. care for nothing but themselves .. some of them try to indulge in society works as to advocate some of the western moral standards and their way of helping each other away from any religious doctrine .. calling it ethics and a philosophy of ethics rather than morality ... its a really big subject and i dont wish to talk much about with someone who totally agrees with me ... i wanna explore the other minds of those so called athiests .. im just showing them that they are a shame to intellectual thought

Anonymous said...


Anonymous farmer again.

The only reason I went back to speaking about atheism - or rather, atheists - is because of your insistence on bringing them up and your mistakenly labeling my last comment as one directed at them, when they are, in fact, unworthy of my attention and time, due to their subtractive convictions in regards to our (and their) culture and traditions.

My main point, since you apparently didn't get the poodle rhetoric (and btw, LoL @ bo-bader's clever pun), my main point is that when I notice you posting on such matters, and others like you who speak on secularism in Kuwait .. God darn it I gotta tell ya .. who do you think you're talking to? Where do you think you are? Germany? Or worse yet, Turkey?

This here is Kuwait. You been out for a drive lately? Have you ever driven to remote districts in Kuwait and saw how people are living? You know why I'm bettin' you haven't? Cuz if you had, you wouldn't be posting on such marginal matters like atheism, secularism, or any kind of European ideologies (either as a proponent or opponent, it don't matter).

We are not in touch with the majority of the public. You are not in touch with the majority of the public. Otherwise your posts would be much different and more accommodating and on more important matters.

So you talk about Darwin because it's within the circulating "media of the privileged" - you, me, bloggers, etc. By doing that, you are living in a bubble - and toss back and forth issues according to public demand, which, in this case, comes from within our own little circle of peers.

Step out of the box. Look around at people. Get a reality check.

You know, despite the "backwardness" of some of those masses, they possess the great quality of "sticking together" as tribes, despite their ignorance and what have you. They think together, speak together, and act together.

They are better than us since they subconsciously acknowledge the power of togetherness. They know that only through solidarity can they attain their rights. And that's how "their people" get into the parliament, and that's to their credit.

What are we? Disoriented, dismantled, unorganized, and need a huge reality check on what Kuwait has become in terms of demographics.

It's all about the masses. And the thing is, it's these masses that are the main threat to atheists today, despite the latter group's unbelievable unawareness of that. Man, those masses would butcher them alive. Not us.

So rather than hold meaningless discussions about "secularism", "atheism" and all that mumbo jumbo like we're some kinda first world country, let's actually BE a first world country through getting a reality check, speaking on a much larger scale directed at our masses, and appeal to their common sense and loyalty.

But we wanna blog poodles, don't we now? Let's just do that. Let's blog until there's nothing left to blog about but misery.

We appeal to the masses, we stick to traditions, and we stick together. Otherwise we're a bunch of unorganized ants. And wouldn't the government be pleased.

Anonymous said...


And by the way Eddy, you don't need no Edward Said or Jack Shaheen to tell you that. You should know. Take a look at what Shagran wrote today. He sure knows. Man, I'd take his words over those two authors any day of the week.

After all, he is me and I am him; and we are Kuwait.

ولد الديرة said...


شرهتك على اللي يفكر وايد :)

هذا الحجي فلو بنفسه

Enjoy and many thanks for the subject :)

Edrak said...

anony :)

u dont know me .
u dont know where i live
u dont know my friends
u dont know the nevironment i live in
i`ve been everywhere here
i have friends in jahra fahaheel and jleeb shyoukh .. so dont try to understand me because u dont know know so how could u understand ..
if u dont think thisis important its up to u ... it is to me .. i dont have to stick to what u want me to write .. i write formyself not for others and i project my ideas not others ... therefore u can discuss what am saying or just relax and enjoy the ride darling ...

for me knowing god is more important and its is the most important one to me at the least ... goats stranded and ppl shitting somewhere may be important but not so as God :)

me i and myself love him ... for me i seek forgiveness i seek help i seek guidance .. so yes i care about who beleives in him or not because it effects the way ppl think act . etc ... this has to be a lone post actually but nevermind ... i dont know how many anonys talking to me so therefore put a signature bcz im distorted now

wild el deera

Were waiting for your next post on the subject .. im having fun heheh

Anonymous said...

جميع العلماء بالعالم يركزون على عملهم ويبذلون كل جهد وقوة لاتمامه

انا احتلام هؤلاء

اما توافه الحياة المادية والعيش مثل الاراقوز لا تستهويني

نريد مجتمع يفكر .. ليس فقط بالمرح واللهو واللعب

احسنت ادراك كثر من هذه البوستات

Anonymous said...


The problem is that I am fully aware of what you're saying. You, on the other hand, are not getting it. It's as if you're not even reading my comments, it's weird.

The thing is, I know you have friends (or family) who live in distant areas, which is what makes it even worse. Why not address their problems? Why not bring their voices to the surface?

Why address and give a voice to trivial atheists whose convictions - as you stated - rise from justifying immoral actions?

Yes, God is important to billions of people. And it's because of that importance I hold that kind of stance on things and write my comments accordingly.

I also started speaking on a much broader level, which you completely and questionably disregarded. And you still cannot comprehend what you are actually doing.

It's like this.

You're a teacher who has thirty kids in his classroom. And you only direct your attention to two "special" students simply because they're in suits, leaving the rest of your classroom neglected.

This is you, awarding attention to atheists who do not need further promoting, nor should they since atheism should never be publicized and should remain a private belief. You also leave the rest of the nation, who do believe in God and are the ones in desperate need for attention and assistance to reflect on petty little Dawkins.

If everyone one of us from "within this circle" behaved the same way, we would be as petty as atheists.

Tadarak Ya Edrak.