Tuesday, 1 December 2009



Anonymous Farmer said...

To all bloggers abiding by the one-day mutiny,

Despite its extreme simplicity in concept and application, there is more in this gesture than meets the eye.

It allowed a new-found appreciation for the blogs that we follow; this only applies to the ones whose absence made our hearts grow fonder.

Also, it allowed a deeper perception and evaluation of bloggers in general; their will and their sense of solidarity - or lack of by others.

Most importantly, it allowed us to witness how insanely debilitated many bloggers are, in terms of not having the ability and or confidence to make a quick and simple decision and stick with it, if only for blogger unity, preferring to idly stand by in indecision or refusal.

تستاهل الوقفة يا حاكي عقالي
وغيره ممن سيأتيهم ما أتاك في المستقبل

Yes indeed; this was a neat little gesture.

حلم جميل بوطن أفضل said...

الفكرة أعجبتني جداً لبساطتها و لا يمكن لأحد ان ينكر بانها نجحت

الرسالة وصلت

تحياتي يا مزارعنا العزيز